Organizations can often find themselves stuck in the “Big” consultant’s spiral, analysis paralysis or ineffective development – this is fundamentally a process gap in enabling informed decision-making. We integrate virtual collaboration with the best aspects of design thinking and iterative prototyping to enable rapid, tested decision-making within the enterprise.


Our Methodology

Plecosystems Prototype methodology is a value-optimized interpretation of the Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology. We created a virtual “lite” version of this process to allow small groups of stakeholders to identify and conceptualize ideas and challenges, rapidly ideate and evaluate solutions, and test wireframes within user groups.

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 6


We facilitate innovation at scale

with low disruption of internal stakeholders and high awareness of the enterprise requirements of an outcome.

Virtual Collaboration

We bring global participants together in a collaborative virtual environment for our sprints.

Flexible engagements

Convenient scheduling

Best-in-class collaboration tools

Transparent Accountability

Value-oriented delivery

Plecosystems’ prototyping team is development-aware and enterprise-aware throughout the process to maximize the synergies available to subsequent development. Accumulated intellectual property, prototypes, wireframes and user testing are presented for development teams to leverage to improve scope definition, optimize project budget and reduce time to market.


Rapidly conceptualize and test your ideas

One of the most important parts of innovation is figuring out where to start. If your organization is looking for a lower-risk approach to the typical innovation process, prototyping with Plecosystems may be the right solution for you.

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