PlecoBuild offers high-quality project execution in a distributed model, finding the optimal balance between your own in-house teams and our skilled resources. This allows for low-disruption oversight of the development process, while maintaining high levels of customer interaction, control, and satisfaction...

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Organizations have current strategies and initiatives intended to drive digital roadmaps and development—internal teams, offshore teams, outsourced projects, or a combination of all. Projects may encounter unforeseen issues that delay or prevent completion. Whether a project is limited by internal resources...

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Looking for something else?

We offer additional services to help your business achieve its digital goals.

While Plecosystems delivers best-in-class IT projects, we also understand that organizations may just need to supplement existing teams and roles. Plecosystems has access to over 2,000 development and data science resources throughout Europe that are available for varied term engagements.

It is estimated that only 39% of all projects succeed in delivering on time, on budget, and with all required features and functionality.  Plecosystems has successfully aided organizations in rescuing current projects struggling to deliver, past failed projects that were cancelled and shelved, and previously completed projects requiring additional maintenance or new features.

Independent QA testing services are a responsible way to measure and benchmark internal, external or PlecoBuild distributed model developments. Our testing services are available for all technology stacks and languages and are delivered with best-practice documentation.

Our IT management services include IT governance and C-Suite contracting/oversight. Our network of IT professionals—including access to a deep CxO pool—can support the requirements of any organization.

Plecosystems provides the experience and perspective to support your organizational IT requirements. Our deep consulting background and connected network facilitate our effective offering  of technology roadmap development, market and environmental analysis, user experience review, data architecture analysis and insights, and business IT Risk Management.

Plecosystems facilitates ongoing IT requirements that are external to the core business unit. These peripheral services include software maintenance, asset management and data management services, and provisioning of IT support desks and enterprise hardware. Additionally, Plecosystems will create or assume maintenance contracts for developed software to ensure ongoing performance and functionality of the build.